Life is Perfect

Perfection is in the cycle of things. It is perfect that when society isnโ€™t supporting itself holistically, it purges out a begger on the streets. And when there is a begger on the streets, an activist or humanitarian walks by, and his anger is sparked. An activist writer pours out provoking words to wake others up, and this breeds outrage in society to correct what triggered the begger on the streets.

This is perfection. The cycle is perfect.

Life is as its meant to be – a perfect cycle.

Some even say that disease, poverty and famine is part of this perfection. Hunger and illness can bring out magic.

“i suffer from NF, but it is in no way better or worse than the common flu” – Yvonne Foong,

———- Forwarded message ———-
Yvonne Foong < >
29 Sep 2007 14:32
Subject: Chat with Yvonne Foong

13:39 me: hi yvonne ๐Ÿ™‚

Yvonne: hello trina

me: r we really meeting tomorrow? ๐Ÿ˜€

Yvonne: hehe yes we are

13:40 me: i hv an odd question

Yvonne: yes?

13:41 me: well, my friend’s cousin sister is in the hospital

she has yet another relapse from multiple sclerosis

her eyesight is almost gone

she’s fading everyday

how does one deal with this?

13:42 sorry ๐Ÿ™‚ .. its okay if there is no answer

13:43 Yvonne: well, I have come to learn something from my own experience

basically, it boils down to the purpose of life

you might ask what is the use of her living if she is deteriorating at such a rate

me: i told my friend, if it were me, i’d be figuring a way out of life

not as much for me, but for the ppl around me

13:45 loved ones to let go and move on with their lives

13:44 Yvonne: recently, i asked the exact same thing to my friend, when i read about the condition of people in a nation where the soviet union once tested their nuclear weapons. now many years have passed, the people who saw the nuclear activity were severely affected, their DNA mutated. now babies are born totally deformed

13:46 and i was sad. i believed everyone should have the capability to learn and grow spiritually and to know God through thinking and reasoning, and investigation of truth. but these babies who are so deformed does not even have the faculty of logic. how then, can they attain the presence of God?

me: exactly. this lady is the mother of 2 toddlers. her kids will see her suffer everyday.

her husband sits beside her and she wont even know it cos she cant see

13:47 Yvonne: we were at the college cafeteria. my friend stood up and fetched a small milk jar and placed it next to my mineral water bottle

Yvonne: the water in my bottle was half empty. the jar was smaller but full

Yvonne: my friend then asked me, assuming the jar is full, which container do u think fulfilled it’s purspoe? i said the jar, even though the water bottle has more water. but the latter has not fulfilled it’s capacity

13:48 we are often frustrated by our conditions, thinking there are so many things we could be doing if not for our conditions

13:49 even thoug your friend’s body is degenerating, her purpose is different from ours.

me: if her condition stabalized .. she can still try and find some purpose with what she has

but shes still going for blood transfusionn

13:50 its hard to find a purpose, when you don’t know what you’re capable of .. in a few mths, she could be bed ridden


Yvonne: i see where you are coming from

13:51 half an hour ago, john ling and i were chatting about suffering. we agreed that suffering is a state of being.

you see, our perception of the world is learned

me: i told my friends .. if something like that happened to me, pls tell my parents to let me go

Yvonne: at a young age, we are taught and conditioned to feel happiness, how to respond to happiness, how to respond to pain

me: life is not worth living in pain

13:52 Yvonne: but this conditioning is worldly standard. maybe 1,000 years from now, men would perceive pain as joyful.

me: well, in the natural order of things

we’d hv been eaten by animals

13:53 Yvonne: in our culture, some religious people see piercing as self-mutilation, another culture see it as an art and hobby

me: don’t think we’re meant to live with such physical weaknesses

Yvonne: why not?

me: by the natural world

13:54 we’d hv been eaten by wild animals

13:55 mother nature would hv decided for us .. but i guess human intellect makes things a little complcating

13:56 Yvonne: trina dear…

i imagine that if you say the above to your friend, she would feel terrible and sinful.

13:57 me : of course i did not ๐Ÿ˜€

in no way was i suggesting that she let go

but if it were me

i’d want lives to move on without me

loved ones will hurt for a few years

but they will heal

and move on

13:58 Yvonne: Ok let me share something ya

me: kays

Yvonne: in november 2005, I comtemplated a great deal whether I should rest my case in God’s hand or should i sell t-shirts to raise funds for surgery

13:59 i went as far as to see many confirmation from friends and blog readers

in the end i decided to sell shirts for surgery

many people brought me to healing rallies hoping God would heal me mirauclously, but He didn’t. I accepted it and worked hard for surgery

14:00 in the process, i was invited to give talks to many people, college students, kindergarten kids, MIC youth, i even spoke at stadium putra

Yvonne: throughout my fundraising, it was very trying and tiring. i broke down many times. but whenever i go out there, i meet people who were touched and inspired by me

14:01 especially when i spoke to children, they look up to me with such innocent eyes, i praise God that even though it was trying and suffering, my trials touched and inspird many people

God could have healed me so i didnt have to go through so much, but He didn’t.

through my suffering, many lives were changed

14:02 even though your friend is suffering now, but as human beings, we can never know God

s plan and purpose

me: thank u ๐Ÿ™‚

14:03 Yvonne: in the end, through the help of the public who believed in my cause, God let me raise RM230, 000.00 for aq brain surgery in the U.S

I went for that surgery last October

me: only on T-Shirts?


14:04 Yvonne: my efforts include selling t-shirts and later, handmade accessories. there were also donations. because i first helped myself, people came forth to give me a hand too.

one company organised a dinner and raised RM30,000.00 for me

14:05 later, dr. lee hwa beng organized a gold tournament. someone said dr. lee doesn’t help just anyone because there is only so much he can do. but he saw that i was helping myself, so he picked up my cause

but my point is, trina, suffering serves it’s purpose.

suffering is necessary for us to know God

14:06 human beings are in a constant state of learning, suffering helps us see things better

and one person’s suffering is different from another

we cannot compare. i suffer from NF, but it is in no way better or worse than the common flu

14:07 me: agreed

Yvonne: for there are some people who learn little from lifelong suffering, some people learn a lot from a mere knock in the head

14:08 me : u r amazing

14:09 u reminded me that all things r meant to be

there is a reason

Yvonne: and like my parable of the water bottle and the jar, different people have different purpose. suffering is not the right measure of a person’s life. your friend may be suffering now, but the jewels she gain will far outweigh her loss. she may not see it now, but it will happen

me: thank u yvonne

14:10 pain has the ability to make us strong and soft at the same time

14:11 Yvonne: Your welcome. =) Love is always the most powerful.

suffering is only a condition that will pass

me: how do u describe love?

what is love?

14:13 Yvonne: nowadays, a lot of my friends are living in different countries. but when i meet them occasionally, i feel connected to them

the same happens when i meet people who came forth to help me raise funds last year

i still keep in touch with them. but we have our own struggles, and they seldom contact me these days

but when they do, when i see them , i feel a special kinship

as if i have known them for a very long time

14:14 i think love is when you feel another person as a part of yourself

me: thats a very nice definition

14:15 Yvonne: when we put God in our hearts, we feel glad at all times. that’s when we feel everyone is connected and made of the same clay

14:16 me : can i share yr story with my friend? ๐Ÿ™‚

Yvonne: of course, you may.

did you know i published a book?

you might want to read it to her

me: u mentioned ๐Ÿ™‚

in the email

14:17 Yvonne: Thanks for giving me the chance to chat and talk about this

I’m feeling so grateful now

me: no, thank you

14:18 Yvonne: and I am excited about your friend, knowing that her suffering may cause her to attain much more than she is losing

me: she’s not feeling that strong at the moment

but i’d like to share yr strength with her

Yvonne: I will be praying for her

what is her name?

14:19 me: my friend is Yan Jin

i don’t know her cousin sister’s name

Yvonne: okay. I will keep Yan Jin in my heart

eh sorry

her cousin sister

me: thank u ๐Ÿ™‚

Yvonne: =)

me: and u hv touched mine even before this

14:20 yes, it is her cousin sister with the illness .. Yan Jin visits her everyday

Yvonne: Oh, where is the cousin warded?

me: UH

Yvonne: do you think she will appreciate my visit?

14:21 my grandma’s house ins in PJ old town. so i might ask mom to drop ome off in UH while she goes to granny’s house for some chores

me: she may not be christian

Yvonne: oh, I’m not preachy. ๐Ÿ˜›

me: but its so kind of u to offer


but thinking different mah

Yvonne: actually…. I am a Baha’i

14:22 I believe all religions are one

me: so do i ๐Ÿ™‚

all rivers lead to the same ocean

14:23 i was s amazed by Yan Jin’s positivty and resolve .. she goes in every night with 1 resolve – to make her cousin sister laugh

Yvonne: Buddhists trive for the attainment of Bodhi. we must learn the current religion teachings available, and use the knowledge to purify our body and mind. that is said to be the state of Bodhi.

me: but i know she’s tearing up inside

14:24 Yvonne: i understand, your cousin sister sounds very matured

how old is she?

14:25 me: Yan Jin’s cousin sister ๐Ÿ™‚

early 30s

Yan Jin is my x-colleague

and an amazing friend

Yvonne: I think she is matured to do that for her cousin

me: very .. and very strong

Yvonne: because I have friend who are 29, 30, 35. yet many do not know how to respond in such situations

14:26 me : yan jin is 29

she goes in every night with a smile and a cheery laugh

many others just goes in and sobs

Yvonne: i know…. a lot of people view suffering as a curse

14:27 me : so does yan jin .. and i think she will still for quite a while

Yvonne: and when they see it befalling other people, they respond apathetically as if they were the ones suffering!

so i think it’s important we remind each other what i just told u

me: exactly ๐Ÿ™‚

Yvonne: it transcends religion

me: and u reminded me really well

14:28 thank you

Yvonne: your welcome. anytime if yan jin’s cousin welcomes me, just let me know. i won’t go to her with the bible. ๐Ÿ˜›

14:29 me: hahaha .. you’re such a gem ๐Ÿ˜€

Yvonne: it’s ok. i understand because saying “the lord is your savior” sounds so self-righteous and fanatic especially people already suffering and in pain

me: ๐Ÿ™‚

thank you so much Yvonne

14:30 you’ve given me such strength

no words can express it

14:31 Yvonne: thank you too. =) we are sisters, aren’t we?

me: haha .. but of course!

see you tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

14:32 Yvonne: alright.l God bless

And lastly, I would like to share the wisdom of David Anttony and Masami Sato


By David Anttony

Imagine if you could wake up tomorrow morning and that imaginary dial inside your head that says that things you do not like as well as the things that you like are all suddenly perfect.

Imagine that when you wake up tomorrow your โ€˜perfection dialโ€™ has been reset so that it no longer points to the right or the left but to the centre. The right of your dial of course representing your old world-view of perfection which you associated with happiness and what was right, and the left side imperfection, associated with unhappiness, sadness and what was wrong.

You can start imagining now when you wake up in your new tomorrow what your world would look like if you no longer judged things as right and wrong, good and bad, perfect and imperfect, just and unjust. You can imagine today that in your new tomorrow things just become what they are without judgement.

Your new tomorrow world will initially probably feel strange and maybe somewhat confusing because by removing the split in your focus you will move from separation to unity and from struggle to acceptance. Overnight everything would become perfect. When you wake up in your new tomorrow war is perfect, peace is perfect, life is perfect, death is perfect, Christianity is perfect, Hinduism is perfect, sex is perfect, no sex is perfect, anger is perfect, patience is perfect, intolerance is perfect, tolerance is perfect, dishonesty is perfect, honesty is perfect, murder is perfect, lack of murder is perfect, destroying the environment is perfect, saving the environment is perfect.

Can you see that initially your world may become a little confusing for a while as your brain and emotions re-adjust to a new way of being, doing and thinking.

The trick to living in your new world tomorrow would be that you would have to focus your mind, retune it if you like, to look for the perfection. You will need to choose to see life from a different perspective. Depending on the perspective you choose you will find the perfection. If you are not seeing perfection change your perspective. So if you see trees being destroyed and this makes you feel angry why not choose to see the world from outer space! From outer space all you can see is the beauty of the planet. Now if you feel that would be denying what is happening on our planet come back to earth with your focus, choose to be happy and accept what is and start planting trees, but do not feel angry about those chopping them down. Ghandi did not transform India by getting angry and fighting. He took the conviction of his heart and united the Indian nation by creating unity through the simple actions of weaving, walking and talking. What we fight persists and what we focus on exists.

Six months ago I woke up in my new tomorrow. The experiential gift that allowed me to open up a new doorway in my life, the doorway of singularity instead of duality, was when my wife Masami of seven years shared with me that she wanted to change or relationship. Masami wanted to share her sexuality and a large part of her life with another man and she no longer wished to share her sexuality with me. My initial โ€˜reactionโ€™ was sadness, loss and pain until I decided to โ€˜look under the rockโ€™ of this experiential gift and see what blessing lay waiting for me. When I looked under the rock I saw an exciting world, a world where the love Masami and I share was as strong as ever; the caring and love for our children was unfaulted; our businesses were stronger and I had the opportunity to be more of me and stand in my own light. I could now experience what ever I felt without being bound by a monogamous marriage relationship. Wow I was in a new world!

Today I wake up in my new tomorrow each and every day. Some days I wake up in duality and I quickly refocus my sight on singularity before I enter the day. Sometimes during the day I โ€˜forgetโ€™ about my focus choice and when someone does something I find uncomfortable I may react with anger. However, within a few minutes I remind myself of my choice of focus and start looking for the gift in the experience. Almost all the time now the gift is easy to find because it is the same gift each and every time โ€“ to remember the singularity and the perfection.

The singularity is the only place where you can find peace and total joy because it is the only place true love exists. Masami Sato puts this concept into a most beautiful and simple form. She calls this the gift of acceptance trust and love. Her book titled, โ€œJOY the gift of acceptance, trust and loveโ€ is a divine gift that reminds us of the simplicity and deep truth about life. Each and every day I choose to embody the depth of wisdom that shines out of this book and because of this choice my life is becoming a living body of magic.

When we let go of a dual focus we remove a huge stress from our lives and we regain a boundless energy and a deep sense of joy. We can suddenly start to flow our lives in the most magical of ways because we are no longer trying to move in a single direction while being pulled in another at the same time like trying to swim upriver and down river at the same time! Instead we can allow the natural flow of life to unravel the perfection in front of our very eyes.

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  1. Very Inspiring…nothing beats reading a real chat!! It felt like I was part of it… Good one Trina and Yvonne! Hope your friend found strength in this.

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